Southern Ground Pounders Vintage Racing Club

One of the longest standing most respected

vintage racing clubs on the east coast.



Southern Ground Pounders

March 20-21            SVRCN Dillion Speedway                                               South

April 11                  Southern National                                 Easter                     North

May 2                      South Boston                                                                                North

May 8 Friday           Wake County                                                                            South

May 23-24                Carteret County                 Memorial Day                      South     

June 5 Friday            Ace Speedway                                                                          South

June 13                      South Boston                                                                               North

June 19 Friday           Southside Speedway                                                           North

July 11                       Dominion Speedway                                                                 North

Aug 8                        Langley Speedway                                                                        North

Aug 22                      South Boston                                                                                  South

Sept 13  SUNDAY   Southern National Motorsports Park                          South                        

October 10                Dominion Speedway                                                                North

October 17                Carteret County                                                                          South

 *Subject to change *